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As one of the ancient Irish clans, the Byrnes and their namesakes the O’Byrnes have stamped an indelible mark on the pages of the nation’s history.
Descended from the High Kings of Ireland, their ancestors also include doughty warriors and freedom fighters, while in more recent times they have gained distinction through a rich variety of endeavours.
One the stage, Dublin-born Gabriel Byrne is the star of films that include Excalibur, Defence of the Realm, Stigmata, End of Days, and Jindabyne, while John Byrne is the Scottish artist and playwright who has written and directed an acclaimed series of screen and stage productions that include The Slab Boys and Tutti Frutti.
He has also designed record covers for artistes that include the Scottish comedian and musician Billy Connolly, the singer and songwriter Gerry Rafferty and The Beatles.
The stirring lives and times of the Byrnes of both yesteryear and today are presented here.


Byrne Clan Mini-Book Excerpt

In addition to fame, a number of Byrnes and O’Byrnes have also achieved a fair degree of infamy – and no less so than the Australian outlaw and folk hero Joe Byrne, born at Woolshed, near Beechworth, in 1847, and a ‘lieutenant’ of

Ned Kelly in the notorious Kelly Gang.

Born near Melbourne in 1855, Ned Kelly was the son of John ‘Red’ Kelly, who had been transported to Tasmania in 1842 from his native Ireland after being sentenced to seven years penal servitude.

Ned and his gang of bushwhackers became infamous for a spree of bank robberies and murders that lasted nearly two years and ended in a final confrontation with the exasperated authorities at Glenrowan, in Victoria, in 1880.

Despite the protection of homemade plate armour and a helmet weighing about 44kg, Joe Byrne died in a hail of bullets that severed his femoral artery.

Kelly was captured, tried, and sentenced to be hanged. This was duly carried out in Melbourne Gaol, despite a petition signed by more than 30,000 ordinary citizens demanding that his life be spared – so popular had Kelly and

his infamous sidekicks such as Joe Byrne become.